Aloe juvenna


Aloe juvenna

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Aloe juvenna (The "Tiger-tooth Aloe") is a species of plant in the genus Aloe. It is popular in cultivation but extremely rare in its natural habitat in Kenya.

Aloe juvenna is frequently confused with Aloe squarrosa from the island of Socotra. However Aloe squarrosa has long, smooth, spotted leaves that curve backwards. These recurved leaves are kept only around the head or top of each stem, with dead leaves falling off the lower parts of the stem. It is relatively rare in cultivation.

Aloe juvenna has many short, straight, compact triangular leaves, which are densely packed all along the stems. It is common in cultivation but extremely rare in habitat. Aloe juvenna is also a tetraploid, with a double set of chromosomes (28, instead of 14) and, in appearance, does not resemble any other Aloe species from the region.

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