Aglaonema Malay Beauty


Aglaonema Malay Beauty

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Plant height10 - 16 inches (25 - 41 cm)
Plant spread4 - 8 inches (10 - 21 cm)

Aglaonema Crispum is also quite an undemanding plant.considered to be a shade tolerant plant with glossy dark green leaves with silver edges. The leaves of the species are oval and the trunk is erect. The plant is often grown in offices due to its unpretentiousness (this cultivar requires minimal care) and beautiful ornamental leaves.

Common name(s)Aglaonema Siam Aurora, Chinese Evergreen (Red)
Flower coloursGreenish-white spathe
Bloom timeSeasonal bloom
Max reachable heightUp to 2 feet
Difficulty to growEasy to grow

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