Golden Arelia


Golden Arelia

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In temperate climates, Ming Aralia is a very popular and relatively easy-to-grow houseplant. Indoor container plants may be grown in a variety of soils as long as the drainage is good. Plants generally thrive in peaty, sandy, soil-based potting mixes that have excellent drainage.
Polyscias fruticosa, commonly called Ming aralia, is an evergreen shrub. Finely-segmented, 1-3 pinnate compound leaves have narrow-ovate to lanceolate leaflets with spiny-toothed margins. Pale yellow to white flowers in free-branching inflorescences bloom in summer. Fruit is a drupe.

Common name(s)Aralia Golden, Ming aralias
Flower coloursPale yellow to white
Bloom timeWinter
Max reachable heightUp to 3 feet
Difficulty to growEasy to grow

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