Ceramic Rosie Planter


Ceramic Rosie Planter

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According to historians, Ceramic Plant Pot production appeared in Binh Duong in the 18th century and really started developing when some Chinese potters came to Binh Duong on trading ships. When they saw the high quality of the local clay, the large tree reserves available for firewood and the huge kaolin deposits that could be easily mined, they decided to stay in Binh Duong, giving birth to a profession that has remained active until today. At Rosie Pottery, we would love to bring the beauty of Vietnamese Handcrafted Products to everyone over the world. We respect the classic designs accompanied with glossy colors, each glazed pot is distinguished by its own unique pattern as a result of the handmade production delivering individual character, especially the special creation of each artisan. To be easy to select, our collection is categorized into three main types:

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